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Introducing the Zylist

The Zylist is the first trimmer designed for longer hairstyles (chin-length and longer), so you can keep your bangs or longer style looking beautiful whenever, wherever you have time. Use it to freshen your ends between salon haircuts, trim your bangs, cut simple hairstyles at home, or create layers.

How It Works

Easy Steps  Place a segment of hair into the Zylist, comb down to the desired length, and squeeze to cut hair in a perfectly straight line. The clear paddle enables you to align one cut with the next, for perfectly even ends. See our instructional videos on our How To Use It page





What Makes the Zylist Better than Scissors?

If you’re a hair stylist, cutting hair with scissors is easy. But if you're a novice, taking scissors to your hair and ending up with a great haircut might seem like an impossible feat. Hairstylists use a comb, their fingers and scissors to comb out, secure and cut hair in a straight line. We observed professional technique and designed the Zylist to simulate these comb, secure, and cut movements all within the tool, so it's easy to achieve perfectly even ends. And you don't have to worry about cutting yourself - the Zylist blades are safely between the paddles, away from your fingers.

Creating Layers - Haircutting Basics

Most haircuts fall into one of four categories: blunt, graduated, layered, and long layered. Blunt haircuts have no layers, but the other three styles have some degree of layering, achieved by combing the hair out to a designated angle before cutting. The Zylist makes these styles easier to do at home than they would be with scissors. 



Find the Zylist on Amazon