October 21, 2015


Live on Kickstarter!

It all started 4 years ago with a post-baby "hair crisis" - where I couldn't fit a salon visit into my work/baby schedule. Today, the Zylist launched on Kickstarter - the first hair tool designed to enable high caliber haircuts at home for longer styles. Visit our Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zylist/the-zylist-ultimate-diy-hair-tool-for-cuts-and-tri

It's been a long road and we have many many people to thank for your help in getting us this far. But we're not there yet - our campaign has a goal and every "share" helps! Please help us by sharing our campaign - sharing links are under the video on the Kickstarter campaign page. 

We are very excited to finally be sharing the Zylist with the world!  THANK YOU for your interest and support!

October 01, 2015


Kickstarter launch date set for October 21!

We're excited to announce that our Kickstarter campaign will be "kicking off" on October 21! There will be early bird pricing for our first visitors so make sure to visit our campaign on October 21 to take advantage of this discount. (link will be posted here once the campaign is live)

Sneak peek: 

September 14, 2015


Zylist in White

After conducting product testing with the black and white Zylist prototypes in different colors of hair, we’ve found the white prototype outperforms the black in terms of visibility of the hair within the tool. To explain: to align one cut with the next, you visualize the hair through the clear paddle and align your last cut with the dotted line. Visibility is best when the hair and the background have the greatest degree of contrast. Turns out almost all hair, even light blonde, shows up well with a white background. We want everyone, no matter what color hair, to have a great experience with the Zylist. And we think everyone will get that experience with white. So it's decided - we're launching with white!!



August 18, 2015


Filmed our Kickstarter Video

We had an exciting and long day filming our crowdfunding video at theninestudios in SF. Thanks to our awesome models, video firm Maximize Video, and makeup artist Shiree Collier!!


Preparing for this day was a huge task: hiring contractors, writing the script, coordinating dates with models and everyone involved, securing the location, props, hair and makeup, and getting the prototypes ready for the shoot. To cut costs and keep the video real we sourced models locally from mom's groups, friends, and alumni connections. We also purchased all our own props on Craigslist, and had models bring clothes from their own wardrobes. We're excited how it turned out and can't wait to share it with everyone when we go live!


January 23, 2015


New prototype parts!

January 23, 2015   We've finally gotten to the point of ordering parts. Our redesign was major with new blades, new blade loading mechanism, and a new exterior shape. We ordered two sets of sample parts to make one black unit and one white unit. We also ordered 2 button colors - aqua and grey. A major step was also design and ordering of prototype springs for the new blade loading design. Good news - everything fits together and the new design works!!  But we still have some fine tuning to do to make parts fit better and to enable better cutting. Now that everything is in-hand the changes can happen faster, so we're looking forward to making more updates soon and getting close to setting a launch date.


Aqua or Grey?    

We've got some decisions to make including whether to make the button aqua or grey - any opinions? We welcome comments here or on our facebook page! Equip Beauty FB page



Thanks for your interest!

- The Zylist Team


June 04, 2014


Making progress with the Zylist prototype

Just played with the most recent version of the Zylist prototype - the goal is to make it easier to manufacture and reduce friction from the cutting area. It's cutting pretty well, but not well enough... need to make a few more modifications. In general I'm really happy with our progress but as usual these things take a few iterations to get perfect.