New prototype parts!

January 23, 2015   We've finally gotten to the point of ordering parts. Our redesign was major with new blades, new blade loading mechanism, and a new exterior shape. We ordered two sets of sample parts to make one black unit and one white unit. We also ordered 2 button colors - aqua and grey. A major step was also design and ordering of prototype springs for the new blade loading design. Good news - everything fits together and the new design works!!  But we still have some fine tuning to do to make parts fit better and to enable better cutting. Now that everything is in-hand the changes can happen faster, so we're looking forward to making more updates soon and getting close to setting a launch date.


Aqua or Grey?    

We've got some decisions to make including whether to make the button aqua or grey - any opinions? We welcome comments here or on our facebook page! Equip Beauty FB page



Thanks for your interest!

- The Zylist Team


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