Our Inspiration

 Hi, I'm Rachel, inventor of the Zylist. Haircuts have always been stressful for me: finding 2-3 hours of downtime within my changing schedule, dealing with traffic, and the cost. Then I had a baby and a real "hair crisis" hit. My maternity leave was ending, my baby was sick, and my longtime stylist couldn't take me anymore. I asked myself “Why can’t I cut my own hair at home?” I didn’t have confidence using scissors, so I searched for a tool to help, and that’s when I realized:
there are hundreds of specialty clippers to enable short haircuts at home, but none for longer styles.   

I'd been watching my hairstylist do the same layered style for 10 years, and I started thinking about how I could simulate what she does with her hands, comb and scissors. One night the idea for the Zylist popped into my head. I got so excited I wanted to start developing it right away. But I also wondered if I was just crazy and different for wanting to cut my hair at home. So I asked my friends, and surveyed almost 300 anonymous respondents. I found that lots of people are interested in cutting their own hair at home - but few actually do it because of lack of confidence with scissors.

Since then, it’s become my mission and absolute passion to develop a tool to give you confidence that you can give or get a great haircut at home. I teamed with some amazing engineers to build the Zylist, and we can’t wait for it to bring convenience, cost savings, fun and perpetually freshly-cut ends into your life.